Common biological (and chemical ) misconceptions

We are looking to assemble a list of common biological misconceptions. If you have some, send them to us!

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All forms of the bacteria (and specifically the bacterium Escherichia coli or E. coli) cause disease. - supplied by Darron Spencer

Evolution has never been observed. - Talk.Origins Archive
Oxygen combines with sugar to produce water and carbon dioxide - supplied by Bob Leamnson
Only meat, fish, and eggs have protein - supplied by Bob Leamnson
Evolution (life) violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. - Talk.Origins Archive
Enzymes are killed or destroyed by heating - supplied by Dip Din-Yan
The optimum temperature for enzyme activity is 37°C - supplied by Dip Din-Yan
Respiration and breathing are the same thing - supplied by Dip Din-Yan
In a particular experiment, what is the control and what is the experiment - supplied by Dip Din-Yan
When lemmings overpopulate, they commit suicide by running by the millions over cliffs into the ocean to drown. - Common legend
The purpose of genetic counseling is to direct people’s reproductive behavior - supplied by Myra I. Roche
Genetically modified crops are not safe. - supplied byChannapatna S. Prakash
Dominant alleles will take over a population, while deleterious alleles will be eliminated quickly - supplied by Alan C. Christensen
The most abundant phenotype in a population represents the dominant trait - supplied by Alan C. Christensen
Ingestion of transgenic DNA is harmful to humans or animals. - ACS web site
Genetically modified crops are more ecologically harmful than organic crops - supplied by Jonathon Rauch.
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not needed to "feed the world" - supplied by Roger Morton
A process based on random mutations cannot lead to highly organized structures or novel functions.- common among 'intelligent design' advocates.
Only GM foods have DNA - supplied by Stephen Wylie.
Organically grown food is more nutritious. - supplied by Stephen Wylie
We could feed the world more effectively if we grew only organic crops- supplied by Stephen Wylie
30 September 2003
Photorespiration is breathing in plants. - supplied by Gail Dickinson
Anaerobic respiration is breathing without air.- supplied by Gail Dickinson
Wood (plant mass) comes from the water and minerals that plants take in. - supplied by Gail Dickinson
Toxic is toxic, no matter what the dose. - supplied by Michael Robin
Vaccinating your children will make them sick.- supplied by Michael Robin
The dangers posed by the use of pesticides are much greater than the dangers posed by the 'natural' contaminants of organic foods. - from Craig Marxsen's review of Thomas DeGregori's book "Bountiful Harvest: Technology, Food, Safety and the Environment".
Cell walls are the same as plasma membranes, therefore membranes are solid.- supplied by Merri Lynn Casem© 2007 all rights reserved

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